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Creates webpages from jpeg images

While there are several program out there that will take images, make thumbnails and build webpages, most fall short of the primary goal of a MacIntosh - good user interface. I have attempted to correct this shortfall as well as trying to give you more control of what your webpage looks like without getting into HTML.

Image2Web allows the user a high degree of control over what the webpage and shows a real-time preview - giving a What-You-See-Is-What-You_Get (WYSISYG) interface.

Product Description:

Image2Web gives you the most control over making a website from images of any program. You open up the images, add titles, etc, move them around, select many options for the output. Then hit generate and you have an index and image pages ready to be uploaded to the web.

Main features:

New Message Board:

Ask questions. Get help. Trade techniques as to how to use Image 2 Web better. You can still email me, but you can now post a message. Thus, everyone can get ideas about how to work around problems (until I get to fix them). Post suggestions for new features or improved user interface. Message Board

Current Status

Version 1.0 BETA15!!! (updated 20 Jan 05)
Added file management (rename and delete files).
Improved memory use (a lot!!!)
Improved making small thumbnails from large images

If you have problems let me know the source and results of them. I will try to fix the bug and make a new release. This software is functional with only minor bugs. I have tested it and have not found any serious problems. However, if you use it, it is at your own risk.

System Requirements, OS X 10.3.
Download Image2Web

Click to download a version (Image2Web-Puma) which works with OS 10.1 (tested) and 10.2 (untested).


I am looking for feedback to bugs and suggestions. Note, there is a ton more that I can do with this program, and much still do do. Please send feedback to: