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Balloons - click for more info

iMovie plug it. Creates balloons in the video as a title. This is similar to VH1's popup videos.

Download Now, Version 1.1

Image2Web - click for more info

Creates webpages from jpeg images. Allows full control of diplay size, filesize, index layout, and titles (captions, comments, copyright, date, etc.) Go to Image2Web Message Board.

Min system requirements: MacOSX 10.3

Download Image2Web, Version 1.0 Beta15

Click to download a version (Image2Web-Puma) which works with OS 10.1 (tested) and 10.2 (untested).


A simple game you probablly played when you were in school. It has a basic grid of dots, you get to connect one pair of dots a turn. If you complete a square (all 4 sides) you count that square as yours. You play against the computer at different levels.
Min system requirements: MacOSX 10.0

Download Dots 0.9


Floating Dice is a tool for people who need everything from 4 sided to 100 sided dice. I designed the window to be very small to avoid having it get in the way.

Min system requirements. MacOSX 10.0

Download FloatingDice1.2.sit

Kill Dock

This program will terminate the process which runs the Dock for OS X. After running for a while, the Dock can get slightly messed up about which programs are really running. Once the Dock is killed, OS X will restart it. When it comes up, it will be fixed. (Note, this is useful for users of 10.0. Apple fixed the bug this was a hack for with 10.1)

Min system requirements: MacOSX 10.0

Download KillDock0.9.sit

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